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mTroll MIDI Controller Axe-Fx Support

mTroll has special support for Axe-Fx processors. It includes a default config.xml data file that targets Axe-Fx processors and a default config.xml data file that targets Axe-Fx II processors.

When using mTroll with an Axe-Fx, first edit the axefx.config.xml file to make sure the channel specified in the DeviceChannelMap matches the channel of your Axe-Fx. Then open the file in mTroll.
These are my notes which need to be fleshed out. Check out the axefx.config.xml data file or axefx2.config.xml data file for actual use.

Enhanced Axe-Fx support is dependent upon:
- minimum of Axe-Fx firmware version 10 (any Axe-Fx II firmware version)

- a DeviceChannelMap mapping with device name "AxeFx" or "Axe-Fx"

- "AxeFx" device name being mapped to the same channel as your actual Axe-Fx

- the use of that device name in defined patches (ie, device="AxeFx" in the patch definition)

- Axe-Fx to mTroll sync support is dependent upon both MIDI In and Out being connected between mTroll and the Axe-Fx (Axe-Fx II USB connection is sufficient)
Main window display
- Axe-Fx preset names are displayed automatically on the last line of the display whenever an Axe-Fx program change is issued

- Axe-Fx II preset names are displayed automatically in the display whenever a preset on the Axe-Fx II is loaded or whenever a scene change occurs

- Axe-Fx II scene numbers are displayed automatically whenever the preset name is displayed

- When using the Axe-Fx II looper block, looper status is displayed on the first line of the display window. Status is sent by the Axe-Fx II.
patch types: AxeToggle and AxeMomentary
- automatic conversion from Toggle and Momentary patch types if device specified in patch is "Axe-Fx" (continue to use Toggle and Momentary patch types if you use use device="AxeFx", otherwise use AxeToggle and AxeMomentary explicitly)

- effect block bypass CCs are automatically assigned to the Axe-Fx default values if effect name is found (and cc is not explicitly specified)

- attribute singlestate="1" used to prevent automatic generation of B group (for example, to use with Volume Increment and Volume Decrement assignments in momentary patches - "Axe Volume Increment" in config data file).

- attribute cc="x" to define the control change number (or override the default) for a sync patch (required for use with Feedback Return bypass assignment - see "Axe Fdbk Return" in config data file).

- attribute invert="1" used to invert the A (127) and B (0) groups that are automatically generated.
patch type: AxeFxTapTempo
- same as Momentary but switch LED syncs to specified Axe-Fx device MIDI in port (assuming Axe-Fx unit is set to send realtime tempo sysex to its MIDI out)

- no command strings are necessary (if not present, Axe-Fx default is used)
metapatch: SyncAxeFx
- forces a sync of the bypass and X/Y state for all AxeToggle patches that are mapped to Axe-Fx effect blocks

- use this command if you manually change presets on the Axe-Fx front panel to sync up LEDs for effect blocks in mTroll (not necessary for Axe-Fx II firmware version 9+)

- automatically invoked after each program change when using interactive program change engine mode on the channel specified by "AxeFx" device map

- automatically invoked for AxeToggle and AxeMomentary patch types
patch command: AxeProgramChange
- similar to ProgramChange but does automatic patch name and effect block state sync

- supports program change numbers of 0-383 (via automatic bank select and program number conversion)

- same as standard ProgramChange command + Sleep command + SyncAxeFx metapatch

- note that the Patches in the axefx.config.xml data file do not have names; When AxeProgramChange command is invoked, a sync will occur and the name of the Axe-Fx patch will be appended to the Main Display window automatically
last update: 2013.07.20